Our Events

Over the years, Zaytuna Services Society has organized and offered dozens of programs for the community and succeeded to provide training for over 100 people to gain certification to enter the workforce. Zaytuna Services Society has helped over 1000 people with their settlement, translation and immigration needs in the last two years. 

With a grant from the Canadian Red Cross, Zaytuna Services Society has provided over 200 Care kits to refugee and vulnerable clients to assist with the Covid 19 pandemic.  Each kit had a value of over $100 worth of products. Please see our Feb 9, 2021 event below for more information.

Events Timeline

June 20

World Refugee Day

June 20 was World Refugee Day, an international day organized every year by the United Nations to celebrate and honour refugees from around the world. Every day thousands of families are forced to flee their homes and leave everything behind. On this day, let’s stand together to celebrate the strength, courage and perseverance of refugees who now call Surrey home.
The Surrey LIP and MAP BC (Zaytuna Services Society, Options, PICS, Mosiac, and Diversecity) hosted Surrey World Refugee Day on Monday, June 20, 2022, at 4–6pm at Surrey Library, City Centre Branch. Zaytuna Services Society sponsored the Gift Draw giving away prizes to deserving refugee families!

April 3

First Aid Training Workshop

In collaboration with Mainland Safety Training Academy – First Aid level 1

April 1

Online Canadian Citizenship Ceremonies

The Pandemic brought about many changes including doing the Citizenship Ceremony virtually, Zaytuna Services Society is proud to host many virtual citizenship ceremonies for new Canadians! These ceremonies took place at various dates throughout 2022.

March 15

Free Tax Clinic

In collaboration with Options Community Services – Zaytuna Services Society provided a free tax clinic for Newly Arrived Afghan Refugees who arrived to Canada in Nov. 2021 and it was their first time doing their taxes in Canada.

March 15

Free Tax Clinic for Seniors

It was a two day event just for seniors, it was a successful event as it was the first time many seniors left their homes after the pandemic and many connected with their friends after two years.  Seniors enjoyed dessert and coffee while waiting for their service.

February 9

Distribution of Free Medical Kits

Through the “We Care Project” and with a grant from the Canadian Red Cross, Zaytuna Services Society has provided over 200 Care kits to refugee and vulnerable clients to help address the impacts of COVID-19 by promoting health and hygiene. We distributed Care Kits at the Surrey Food Bank and we provided direct distribution to Seniors who could not leave their homes due to the pandemic. Each kit holds a value of over $100 worth of products. Click here to learn more.

May 13

Supporting Surrey Memorial Hospital

In appreciation of our health care professionals standing on the front lines, and in the spirit of communal solidarity, SFU Centre for
Comparative Muslim Studies (CCMS) and Zaytuna Services Society contributed snacks to Surrey Memorial Hospital on May 11, 2020. Sireen El-Nashar, Executive Director of Zaytuna Services Society and Ahmed Abdel-Dayem (SFU student and Zaytuna Services Society volunteer) delivered the snacks for the 24/7 Snack Bin to the Surrey Memorial Hospital. This is a small gesture to tell our caregivers that we are thinking of them.

January 9

Community of Alliance of Racialized Ethnocultural Services For Equitable Health

World Refugee Day


We prepared this briefing document as a group of organizations and individuals who work with ethnocultural communities and are interested in connecting more closely with the health system. Our group is coordinated by the BC Health Coalition.

December 6

Holiday Pop Market

In partnership with Vancity the holiday pop up market provided women with the opportunity to showcase and sell their goods to customers of Vancity at no cost and the women who participated made 100% profit from their sales.

June 20

World Refugee Day

Zaytuna Services Society is a member of the Multi-Agency Partnership and participated in the event.